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Finding the Courage

I have talked about learning to sew for several years and I kept putting it off.  It would be an investment in time, money, and I would have to find yet another space for another craft.  Our CA bungalow only stretches so far!  I had some very good excuses.

My friend Bettes came through Berkeley not too long ago and stopped for a day to visit, a total delight.  She wanted to make a pilgrimage to the local fabric store and I went with her.  I dunno, I was there, I wanted to do it, I finally signed up for classes.

After starting the first project, thinking that this vest was going to cost in the neighborhood of way too much, I began to have second thoughts.  I am too old to learn a new craft.  It takes a good ten years to become proficient, blah blah, blah.

Then I came across this article in the New York Times Magazine.  Scroll down and you see a picture of an elderly woman  intent on a canvas.   Hmmmm, she started selling her paintings at the age of 89.   But I read too fast and thought she started painting at the age of 89.  No matter.  She started something.  If she could start at 89, well, surely I can start at 70.  It was inspiring.

First vest is almost done.  I even think it will fit.

Maybe by Next Christmas?


Really?  some people don’t like the internet? or at least the technology that it entails.  Ah, but what a joy this last month.  I have heard from several people since I wrote about these potholders, including the lovely Gretchen Mueller whose potholder was the impetus for this whole project.

There was a lot of thinking through to be done. What yarn?  Erica did not say anything about size when I posted to her. I thought 5/2 was used and believed I had some, but no,  on inspection, it was 10/2.  But I did have a stash of varying amounts of 8/2.  Maybe a double strand would work.  In fact Gretchen used a 8/4 carpet warp.  Sett,  go with experience, so I adapted the numbers Erica gave me.   Now how to get it on the beam.  No way was I going to put the draft from Photoshop into a weave draft.  I printed out the PS design and marked it in 7 card sequences for each inch for beaming with my warping wheel, back to front.  If you think I came to this as quickly as I wrote it… how I wish!

See previous post for what it looks like today, still a lot of progress to me made before I start thinking about all the problems I should have already solved!

A Day in the Life of Looms 2015

Only one loom, I don’t know how other people keep track of more than one!  I had a treadle loom once upon a time, but when I started weaving with the electronic lift I found I could not go back and forth from loom to loom, kept losing that  kinesthetic memory.

What will it be?  Good question.  I hope those potholders I mentioned earlier.  Been a slog to get this on the loom.  A new respect for Gretchen Muller and Erica Pfister!

Happy New Year from ever sunny California, may your looms sing/zing/ all year.