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Is the Hiatus Over?

Its been a while.  My SIL ( my font of knowledege of all things internet)  emailed me recently asking if he should delete the blog.  Coincidentally I was thinking about restarting it.  The question then becomes why should I.  Are blogs outdated?  Is there a serious reason to take the effort and time to post?  Hmm, I think I asked this when I first started.  As I looked back at what  I had written in 2014 and 15 I was amazed at what  I had forgotten that I had done, some of it not bad.  Also coincidentally, I had a short email conversation with Alice Schlein who just published a new monograph on Lampas— Lampas for Shaft Looms ( I highly recommend).  She said she would like to read my blog!  So, Alice, thank you for the encouragement.  And I know I will like having a better (read that any) record of what I have been doing in the weaving realm.