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I started on a 4 shaft Dryad that my Dad gave me.  Since then it has been a steady progress to more and more pattern!  I love pattern and to do it well, short of a jacquard, you find a loom with as many shafts as you can handle.  I now weave on a 32 shaft Toika that I love.  I use Photoshop, along with a few pertinent apps, and several weaving programs to weave mostly scarves, the occasional dishtowel, baby blanket, handbag etc.

2 thoughts on “About Penny”

  1. Dear Penny! You have entered a new era with your blog. Good for you!
    I like your straight no-nonsense talk combined with humor.
    I will enjoy following along with your adventures.
    Sadie Sadie Married Lady

  2. Hi Penny,

    I met Gretchen Mueller in 2001 in Sacramento, CA. She gave me a potholder which I cherished for 15 years until it suddenly disappeared. She had crystal clear round eyes and the softest, kindest disposition. I’ve never met anyone quite like her. I think we spent 3 hours together but her gentle, open presence impressed me deeply.

    I can see that you too have been inspired. Having read your blog, I wrote to Erica Pfister to learn of Gretchen’s whereabouts or if she still lives.

    Thank you for creating this.


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