Techonology Overload

We had to buy a car, I mean we really had to do something.  I loved my little Volvo for 14 years but it was time.  Looking at the new cars after driving this 14 year old sweetie was like walking into a new century.  Really??? I have to put my foot on the brake to get this car started?  And what is that little black button on the door handle ?  etc. But the killer was that I also needed a new phone.  The darn car would not work with my old phone, just too old.  Clearly you can see the issues here…

The technology push extends to the weaving world.  I have been working on learning Pro Weave with Dini Cameron who conducts online workshops to teach this very different approach to designing drafts.  Also I finally splurged and went with Photoshop Creative Cloud and got a new version of Symmetry Shop by Artlandia.   There were not big changes but at this point…. I think I was muttering something about “don’t move my cheese”, clearly chaffing under the self imposed “new”.

Onto happier thoughts… the loom is warped with two different variegated yarns from Just Our Yarn.  The threading is two interleaved advancing twills.  Ah, the wonderful Pro Weave Twill Databank, it is a large black hole of time but so much fun.  I used the threading on the vest shown in an earlier post and the twill databank to create drafts.  I  wanted to see what would happen with the variegated yarns.  I also wanted to see if this fancy new phone could take decent pictures.   I had thought I was going to use the gold and silver that are the first two samples.  Nope.

My daughter breezed through, looked at the samples and said it had to be the blue, so Maxfield Parrish.

I don’t know how people work with the small samples.  I never know if I will like something till I take if off the loom, finish it and let it sort of sit and look at me for about a month.

Happy to be weaving!



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