On Impulse buying and Bateman

I have belonged to the Complex Weavers Bateman Study group since its inception some 7 (?) years ago.  Before that I had explored Bateman’s Multiple Tabby on my own, but that is  ancient history. The group was only supposed to be in existence for 5 years but there were many who wanted to continue as well as a number who wanted to join, so a new group was started two years ago.  I continued, thinking I will never understand Bateman, maybe one more try will do it.  I am sure the years looking over the Virginia Harvey manuscripts were a big help but even better was working with Linda Davis.  Her new book, Bateman Weaves, the Missing Monograph is what I now use instead of the monographs for reference.  I love Linda’s book because it encourages exploration and creativity.

Our samples are due in October for this years crop of Boulevard weaves.  In an never ending quest for elegant and subtle, I chose 20/2 cotton and a 60/2 variegated silk for the warp, and an analogous color for the weft also in 20/2 cotton.  This will hopefully be a blouse by the time we meet in Reno at Convergence   You can’t see the silk at all,  but it did look good on the loom while I was weaving it.


Not the best picture, I agree.  It really isn’t that blue.

The impulse item–purchased some years ago from Yarn Barn.  I had a problem:

In case you can’t quite tell, the texsolv cord completely frayed, causing the shaft to sink almost to the floor, causing long floats on the back on one side.  But I had 

my impulse buy!  So glad I had it!

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