Almost all Handwoven

I did it, I took the plunge and decided to learn to sew.  Over the past few years I have made a number of muslins for a blouse, a tunic, and this vest.   The yarn for the warp was dyed by Janet Stollnitz, 4 luscious colors of silk.  The weft is black.  The weave is an interleaved twill, tromp as writ, with a very standard use of twill blocks in the tieup.  There is just enough variation in the two twill lines that there is no exact repeat anywhere.


I really like the back as it shows the weave off very nicely.   Oh, the front?

Guess who didn’t have enough handwoven material.  But you knew that.

A fellow guild member, Eve Connor, offered to teach me how to sew several years ago.  Every Monday we meet at her home in her wonderful studio, and together work on a project.  Sometimes I am able to carry on independently, sometimes I require a lot of hands on.   She is patience personified and I have been very fortunate to have her “hold my hand” through this.  Lots left to learn, lots.  There is no way to adequately say thank you except perhaps to turn to someone who might need mentoring and pass on what I know about weaving as Eve has helped me with sewing.

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