Several months ago I decided that I wanted to know if it was practical to use the structure Beiderwand for my fine thread warps.  It is not a commonly used block structure and does not appear on every block substitution list in weaving programs.   I knew it was a compound weave, used extensively for bed curtains in Germany centuries ago.

Rummaging through my own books I found a number of definitions of Beiderwand (which is why I am not attempting to define it here), but not that little clue that I wanted.  The answer! Complex Weavers Library.  Of course!   It is an amazing resource for members.   The librarian, Tim Flint (yet another incredible Complex Weaver volunteer!), sent me a marvelous box, 2 sets of samples and a monograph I would not have found elsewhere.


Now, who could not be fascinated with what is beyond a cover like that?  And the samples were equally as interesting.

I have not decided on if or when I will use this structure.  I am busy procrastinating on threading the darn potholder warp.



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